S-121 and its Real Benefits | New Jersey Law Journal

by Evan Goldman
OP-ED: There is still a great deal of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Statutes like S-121 will help peel away the wall of secrecy that companies and individuals love to hide behind.
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N.J. Priest Speaks Publicly about Abuse

by External Author 
Originally published in the Washington Post
Pope Francis hosts summit on abuse, a N.J. priest speaks publicly about how McCarrick allegedly ruined his life

Less than a week after Theodore McCarrick became the first cardinal ever defrocked, a New Jersey priest has for the first time agreed to be interviewed about his accusations that McCarrick sexually abused him in the 1990s and the effect the alleged abuse has had on his life and career.
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The Arbitration Epidemic

In a recent Editorial, the New Jersey Law Journal extolled the virtues of the arbitration process to resolve disputes for both consumers and employees.  

Let’s be clear:  Mandatory Arbitration deprives workers and consumers of their rights, most importantly their constitutional right to have their disputes decided by a jury of their peers.  While the Federal Arbitration Act has been law for decades, the misnomer advanced by some attorneys and the Editorial Board is that it is somehow favored over the Constitutional Right to a Trial by Jury.  It is not.  Its goal was to correct the refusal of courts to enforce arbitration awards.  New Jersey, as other states, has the right to subject arbitration awards to ordinary contract principles.  This is exactly the reason why the Flanzman Case was correctly decided.
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