Occupational Injuries and Diseases

Not every work-related injury is caused by an accident. In these cases, pinpointing the cause of work-related injury or disease is critical to the success of any claim for workers' compensation benefits. If you have an injury or disease and believe it was caused by your employment, call us to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys. Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C., will fight for workers' compensation benefits and protect your job, when necessary.

Representing Workers in Many Industries

We represent employees from all walks of life—office clerks, truck drivers, cashiers, construction workers, and many others—who have suffered a work-related injury or contracted an occupational disease as a result of simply doing their jobs. Our practice ranges throughout the upper half of New Jersey, from Trenton northward, and includes cases of:
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome / tendonitis
  • Other repetitive stress injuries
  • Hearing loss / vision loss
  • Asbestosis / mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer / chronic bronchitis / other lung diseases
  • Cancer caused by exposure to chemicals

Because our firm has a proven track record for handling workers' compensation claims, we are well aware of how difficult it is to prove these claims.

We are also well-equipped to meet that challenge on your behalf just as we have for many of our previous clients. To help accomplish this, we have developed a trusted network of medical professionals who consult with us about the facts of your condition as we try to pinpoint its cause and help us pursue your claim.

Workers' Compensation Retaliation

By law, employers must carry workers' compensation insurance. By law, you cannot be fired for filing a valid claim. By law, your employer cannot even refuse to provide medical treatment or give you time off to deal with your injuries. Unfortunately, employers do not always care what the law says. If this happens to you, we can then file a workers' compensation retaliation claim.

You Have Rights…Together We Can Protect Them

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