Have you been injured in any way as the result of your work—even while running an errand for the boss? You may be eligible for medical expenses, wage loss replacement, and other benefits, including payment, for your permanent injury. You have the right to file a claim—no matter who told you differently.
At Goldman Davis Krumholz & Dillon, P.C., we represent injured workers of all types in Bergen and Hudson Counties and throughout New Jersey. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services in matters ranging from work accident cases to retaliatory firings and repetitive stress syndrome. We appear in workers' compensation courts every day to obtain benefits for our clients.

Workers' compensation benefits you may be entitled to 
after an injury include:

  • Medical benefits - 100 percent coverage for all necessary and reasonable treatment, including prescription medications provided this is authorized by your employer or its insurance company
  • Temporary total disability benefits - up to 70 percent wage replacement for any disabling job injury lasting more than a week, benefits continue until you are able to return to work or until further medical treatment will not improve your condition
  • Permanent partial disability benefits - compensation for "scheduled and non-scheduled" losses based upon the type and severity of the job injury
  • Permanent total disability benefits - up to 70 percent wage replacement lasting a minimum of 450 weeks for workers whose injuries are so severe that they cannot hold any gainful employment
  • Death benefits - funeral expenses and up to 70 percent wage replacement for dependents of deceased workers and a payment towards funeral expenses

You can be assured that every aspect of your case is handled by an experienced workers' compensation attorney—from start to finish. We gather the necessary documentation, file the claim promptly, and deal directly with administrative agencies, such as New Jersey Division of Workers' Compensation.

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